Regulations and Safety at Amble Marina Limited

All use of the marina is subject to these health and safety regulations


In the interests of your health and safety and that of other marina users please read these safety regulations carefully. Please familiarise yourself with the location of lifesaving and fire fighting equipment on the pontoons and ashore. Look for the SOS stations on the pontoons. RNLI safety information on safe use of LPG, petrol and avoiding the threat of Carbon Monoxide and fire is available from the office.


Please ensure all children and non swimmers wear life jackets at all times. 

Children should be accompanied at all times. 

Do not allow children to ‘ride’ in the trolleys. 

Swimming, fishing and diving are not permitted in the marina. 

Dead Slow for all boats. 

Keep the wash to a minimum. 

Always isolate gas and fuel when leaving your boat. 

Please do not ride bicycles, skates or scooters on the pontoons. 

Dogs are welcome. But please clean up after your dog and keep them on leads at all times. 

Run a hose for at least 30 seconds before filling water tanks. 

Please take care on the pontoons especially when wet or icy. 

Do not run and take special care at night.


In case of fire

Sound the alarm and ensure the marina staff are aware of the situation. 

Call 999.

Clear the area of people. 

Only tackle the fire if it is safe to do so with extinguishers provided across the Marina. 

Retreat to a safe distance either in the car park or as far away on the pontoons as possible and wait for the rescue boat. 

Do not obstruct the bridges as access will be required by the emergency service and marina staff.


Around the Marina 

Please report any defective or damaged marina equipment immediately. 

Please drive slowly and carefully in the Marina car park. 

Do not remove supports from vessels in the yard. 

Please keep a safe distance from all plant/machinery operating in our boatyard. 

If storing your boat ashore, please familiarize yourself with the marina rules for your own safety and that of others. 

Contractors employed to work on your boat must have permission and insurance. Please speak to a member of staff. 

Working on your boat ashore; use a safe ladder for access only and scaffolding platforms if working at height.


Marina Facilities 

Please recycle all cans, bottles, paper and cardboard. Facilities are provided. 

Never throw rubbish overboard.

Absolutely NO gutting of fish in the Marina either ashore or afloat. 

We provide clean and convenient facilities so you do not have to use sea toilets.

We do our best to keep the shower rooms spotless please help us to keep them clean. If there is a problem, tell a member of staff and we will try to solve it.


In the marina and on the water

Please be aware of wildlife, do not disturb marine life or wildlife by causing excessive wash.

Be particularly careful with fishing line and hooks. 

Please avoid water pollution and use the facilities provided ashore.

Never throw rubbish overboard; facilities for rubbish are situated in the marina car park for your convenience. 

Do not flush out or clean out bilge tanks into the marina waste oil can be disposed of into the Waste Oil Tank situated in the Skip Compound. 

If there is a leak of fuel or oil please notify marina staff immediately. 

When boating ensure you take all ropes and lines with you. 

Do not fix anything to the pontoons.


Winter Weather 

Salt is provided and some main walkways are gritted and cleared. More salt is provided at the top of the bridge. Overall, take care in all inclement weather. We are more than happy to assist you – just ask in the office.


Falling In

Rope ladders are available at each SOS station. It can often be easier to use a bathing platform ladder on the stern of many boats and climb out onto a boat first. No dinghies to be left in the water.


Comprehensive marina rules can be found on the reverse of your berthing contract and on the Terms & Conditions page of our website. All boats using the marina facility, ashore or afloat, must have a minimum of £3,000,000 third party insurance.