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The approach to Amble Marina through Warkworth Harbour presents no difficulty in normal weather conditions.

Attention should be given to tidal height over the natural bar at the harbour entrance.

Please contact Amble Marina on VHF Channel 80 and we will give you the height above the marina cill, which is a reliable indication of tidal height at the harbour entrance, not allowing for tidal swell.

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From South or East – keep East of longitude 1° 31′ .5W until North of latitude 55° 20′ .8N. From 55° 20′ .8N, 1° 31′ .5w (WP1) steer 270° (true) for 1.1 nautical miles.

From 55° 20′ .8N, 1° 33′ .4W (WP2) steer 225° (true) 0.6 nautical miles to harbour entrance.

From North – the hazards are South of latitude 55° 20′ .8N and West of longitude 1° 34′ .0W. The temptation to steer on Coquet Lighthouse should be avoided.

Inner Passage Coquet Island – It is safe to navigate with caution through the inner passage of Coquet Island in the hour before high water if you have good daylight, good visibility, slight sea state and good weather.

Under no circumstances should the inshore channel be attempted at night or low tide.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure that all information is correct, all skippers must check navigational and pilotage for themselves.

Tidal Cill Access

Approaching the marina entrance keep North of the port hand buoy and enter over the cill, which runs 10 metres South East from the old wooden jetty. Depth over the cill is given on the tidal gauge at the entrance.

Cill height 0.80 above Chart Datum.

Draught of Vessel (M) TIDAL CILL ACCESS: Hours either side of HW
Springs Neaps
2 2hrs 45m 3hrs 45m
1.5 3hrs 4hrs
1 3hrs 30m 4hrs 30m

Berthing Plan