Instead of one big fish competition this year we will be holding four mini fishing competitions spread across the summer.  Competitions are weather permitting but are scheduled for the following dates:


Saturday 4th May 2019

1300 – 1600


Saturday 15th June 2019

1300 – 1600


Saturday 13th July 2019

1200 – 1500


Saturday 10th August 2019

1000 – 1400


Amble Marina Big Fish Mini Competitions Rules:

Entry fee £5.00 per person. 

Register and pay at office: from 30 minutes prior to competition start time

Weigh in: by competition close


Winner takes the entry money up to a maximum £100.00.  Any extra money to be donated to the RNLI.  Entrants must be on board a boat berthed at Amble Marina for a minimum of one night.


Scales to weigh-in available at competition close. Fish weight must be verified by a member of Amble Marina staff. Tackle, hooks, sand etc to be removed before handling the fish.


The minimum size of fish to be weighed in shall be: Bass 41cm, Wrasse 35cm, Cod 35cm, Plaice 27cm, Coalfish 35cm, Pollock 35cm, Haddock 35cm, Whiting 30.5cm, Dabs, Flounder 25cm, Brill 30cm, Turbot 35cm, Hake 35cm, Lemon Sole 35cm, Common Sole 24cm, Eels 33cm. All other eligible fish must not be less than 25cm long. Measurements from nose to tip of tail.


The following fish are NOT eligible for weighing: Rays Bream, Lumpsuckers, Dragonets, Weavers, Grannies, Green Bones, Mackerel, all Shellfish and Rockling.


Please return all under size and non eligible fish to the water alive.


Anglers are asked not to gut fish in the marina and to clean up any debris and refuse.


No competitor may have fitted up at the same time, more than one rod with reel, running line and up to a maximum of three single hooks, or one treble hook attached. The rod, reel and running line may be replaced by a handline.


Competitors must cast themselves but may receive the help of any person to gaff, drop net or lift but must hook and play their own fish to waters edge.


In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.


Any objection must be made to Amble Marina before 5pm on the day.


Amble Marina Limited shall not be held responsible for any matter or thing that arises from any alteration to these rules or otherwise, or for any damage, loss or injury however caused by any person in connection with this competition.


Any competitor committing a breach of these rules will be disqualified from this event and be debarred from receiving any prize offered in this competition.


The winning candidate will be notified by Amble Marina within 7 days.


In all matters without exception relating to the Amble Marina Big Fish Mini Competition, Amble Marina Limited’s decision will be final. Amble Marina Limited reserves the right to reject any entry.


We hope that everyone entering will enjoy the competition and get into the spirit with good humour and sportsmanship.