Following four years of hard work we are delighted that the project to move our fence line has started.

The Marina purchased the freehold of the site (which included areas of The Braid) from Northumberland Estates in 2015.

The area just outside our fence line was designated Village Green.

We worked with local stakeholders, relevant councils and the Open Spaces Society to transfer Village Green status to the area of land that runs alongside our neighbours gardens. Our planning application was approved in December 2019.

This means that our neighbours do not risk development of a boat yard outside their homes and Village Green status on The Braid is maintained.

By moving our fence line the marina site will increase by 1,400 meters squared. The land now designated Village Green has expanded to 1,600 meters squared.

The extra space on site provides room for more boat storage, car parking and for our developing boat yard. Our aim is to meet customer demand and mitigate the risk caused by the proposed closure of Amble Boat Company.

We can now move forward with our plans and will keep you up to date with progress.