Approach to Amble Marina with Piling Rfat on B hammerhead

All berth holders and visiting boats please be aware that our Piling Raft is currently on ‘B’ hammerhead (The Fuel and Reception Pontoon). Approach dead slow. Marina office vhf channel 80. The raft is well lit.

If you are visiting please reserve a berth with the office well in advance so berth allocation can be done ahead of arrival on 01665 712 168 between 0900 and 1700 every day or email:

We are installing the last three piles to complete what for us has been a massive year of dredging and piling.

Diesel may still be dispensed into fuel cans.

Thank you for your cooperation. Amble Marina

The 2023 maintenance dredge campaign is now complete. Humber Work Boats have successfully removed nearly 30,000m3 of silt from the marina basin and lifeboat pen ensuring deep water for all boats within the marina. Work to remove the Cutter-Suction dredger John M and ancillary parts were delayed due to inclement weather but the last low loader left this morning.

There is still a bit of boat moving to complete to get everyone back in their own berth which the team are tackling head-on. Meanwhile the piling project continues as well as plans to relocate the containers to provide us with a winter shelter for welding and small boat repairs.

Thank you to all our customers for your patience and understanding during these essential works we hope that you have not been inconvenienced. Finally, we are very happy to announce we are open for visiting boats.

Essential improvement and maintenance projects 


The piling project continues at a steady pace. As of 28th August pile number five was in situ and once the new galvanised pontoon section arrives A pontoon will be complete – ahead of Winter – providing a more stable platform for the pontoon that often gets the worst weather. This is an incredibly difficult job that the staff are all tackling head on, ensuring the work is reliable and safe and keeping inconvenience to an absolute minimum.


On September 8th we will start in earnest prepping for the big seven year dredge. Due to various restrictions and environmental issues we have a short window of opportunity to carry out the dredge – once again September has been identified as the best time to carry out this vital project.

The government organisation that oversees disposal at sea of silt – The Marine Management Organisation have granted their license. Envison Marine will be carrying out pre, during and post dredge environmental surveys to monitor the environmental impact. The Crown Estate, The MCA, Northumberland Estates, Warkworth Harbour Commissioners and many others have all been notified and licenses and permissions given.

Humber Work Boats are our chosen contractor and using a 400t crane will launch the dredger from the car park on 11th September. Works are expected to take about five to six weeks – we will not be doing any dredging at night if we can avoid it. Please be aware that there will be some disruption to the marina during this time.

Those of you that remember the 2016 dredge (or even the 2009 or 2001) will know that we move every boat within the marina to allow the dredger safe access. This is to ensure there is no dredging underneath any boats and we therefore require the ability to move all boats at any time. 

When moved we are unable to guarantee connection to electricity as many boats will be in rafts but please understand this is only temporary. During this time we will be closed to all visiting boats to provide as much space as possible to our annual customers. 

News of the summer 

August saw us take delivery of a new Hermitage Boat for English Heritage – built to their requirements by Skur boats of Cornwall. English Heritage will likely complete the commission in Spring.

We have celebrated a raft of staff birthdays with Mick marking a big milestone – it looks like he will only be eating cake and chocolate for the foreseeable future – why change the habit of a lifetime? 

Finally huge congratulations to Steve and Natalie on their wedding in July.

As always should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

On Monday 19th April 2023 we will take the final steps in starting the long planned piling project. The spud legged raft, spider crane, mini rotary piling rig, augers, casings, rock hammers, grout pump, and MMO licence are all finally here or enroute next week, ready to start. A new member of staff will also join us to drive the piling rig.

Works will start in earnest on A pontoon which will have six new piles and after over 40 years we will extend A hammerhead and properly stabilise it. This will offer the commercial boats much safer mooring in Easterly winds.

You are obviously welcome to see the piling rig at work but please keep behind the safety barriers. As this is all heavy machinery there will be occasions when access along pontoons is prevented, but as soon as we can safely stop to allow you to pass we will. Please do not attempt to interrupt the workers on the raft.

All boats must keep their distance. The office will be contactable on vhf channel 80 at all times during operation.

Other news

New boats on brokerage: Akamas, a Rinker 242 £19,995, Juniper an LM24 and Spoon, an MG Spring – as made famous in Howards Way – both £13,995 ONO.

A big welcome to new berth holders joining us from Port Edgar, RNYC and Royal Quays.

Wishing you all a good 2023 sailing season – fingers crossed for fair winds, plenty of fish and calm seas.  


  • Friday 22nd 9 – 12
  • Saturday 23rd 9 – 12
  • Sunday 24th 9 – 12
  • Monday 25th – CLOSED
  • Tuesday 26th – CLOSED
  • Wednesday 27th 9 – 12
  • Thursday 28th 9 – 12
  • Friday 29th 9 – 12      
  • Saturday 30th 9 – 12
  • Sunday 31st 9 – 12
  • JANUARY 2024
  • Monday 1st NEW YEARS DAY – CLOSED
  • Tuesday 2nd 9 – 5

Security and safety rounds will be completed on all days when the office is closed.

We look forward to bringing you the latest news in late January which will be sent with the 2024 offers.

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the team for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Amble Marina.

We very much look forward to seeing you in 2024.